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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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"today in the bay." well good morning everyone, it's tuesday, 4:30 i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's the unofficial end to summer. thousands of students are headed back to school. the early morning sky on your left, the morning sky under way on your right. today two big districts beginning class, union high and san mateo union high school district. >> what's the weather going to be like, how are the roads? for both let's check in were rob mayeda and christina loren this morning. >> good morning, this is the
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east side union school district. temperatures in the 70s this morning with the patchy low clouds for the morning. and out in san mateo, we have another one here. we have some drizzle around san mateo. san mateo union high school district. we'll see temperatures around 11:00 approaching the upper 60s. and across the rest of the bay area today. highs cooler today, 78 degrees in san jose. you have 65 in san francisco with the misty skies and around the north bay, highs in the mid-70s around san rafael and napa. now for your morning commute. we had issues out east of livermore, couple of them that could stack up the morning commute this morning. westbound 580. we have the multivan accident there. we could see some delays. volumes are light this morning, but with the accident blocking the road there, that could cause issues. also a truck blocking the right hand road. with the volumes light, not really impacting travel at this
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point. we'll be watching weather and traffic together as there's another update in a few minutes. >> indeed. back to school traffic, weather, all morning long. if you're on social media, we'd love to see a picture of the back to school routine. good morning vietnam. >> what a memory. he made us laugh, he made us cry, this morning, the world is remembering the life and career of robin williams. overnight, grieving fans left notes, flowers, lit candles at the comedian star on the hollywood walk of fame. and while he was known all over the world, williams called the bay area home. getting his big start in san francisco. the laughter came to an abrupt end yesterday as he was body was
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found inside his tiburon home. stephanie chuang joins us now live outside of williams's hoes this morning. it's -- home this morning. it's hard to believe. >> reporter: it is hard for people to squall throe news. in just a few hours the sheriff's office will release more details on what happened in the hours before robin williams died here at his tiburon home where you do see of course the growing memorial of mostly flowers. there are candles, notes that say robin, you will be missed. this is where paramedics were called yesterday afternoon for reports that he was not breathing and pronounced dead a short time later. he took his own life investigators say. all day yesterday and overnight, fans paid their respects including some who came to say good-bye. >> he has helped me out, he's been a role model for me. favorite actor. he's made me laugh, smile, growing u up watching his movies. i really thought that he was
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something that i had to do, you know, just for closure. >> just seemed like the only -- >> reporter: robin williams's daughter released this quote about her father. starring responding by saying i love you, i'll miss you, i'll keep looking up. his wife said quote, this morning i lost my husband and best friend, while the world lost one of its beloved artist and human beings. it is our hope the focus will not be on robin's death but on the countless moments of joy and the laughter he gave to millions. throughout his career, he battled alcoholism, drug addiction, and severe depression. he reportedly sobered up for the good part of the last 20 years. he returned to rehab last month. it was not because he relapsed, but because he wanted to make sure that his recovery was sound. back here live, you see the flowers and people not really come i coming, the sheriffs only want
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people who live in the neighborhood to come down here. we spoke with other folks, including a couple with nbc area they exchanged smiles with williams at a local grocery stores and see him riding his bicycle up and down the street. of course the impact being felt here in this neighborhood and beyond. now live in tiburon, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, steph. >> jim dunn gave him his first acting role. williams played a steel carrier and had no lines. he started goofing off around the set and dunn said he knew williams was going to be someone. as you'd expect, he's taking news of william's death hard. >> it hasn't sunk in yet really, it's going to take a while. but then the more i think about it, the more i think maybe he was very unhappy. why? i don't know. >> people who knew williams at
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redwood high school say he was quiet and shy, nothing like the man the world has come to know. in the past 40 years. >> hello, mr. hill lard i presume? >> yes, i'm miranda. >> mrs. doubtfire. >> yes, won't you please come in. >> thank you, dear. >> perhaps one of williams most memorable roles was mrs. doubtfire in 1993. he played a divorced man who posed as a housekeeper in order to stay close to his family. yesterday fans thanked williams leaving notes and flowers at the san francisco homemade famous by the film. journalist torres knew williams well and says the actor was one of a kind. >> robin seemed like always looking for the next bit to throw at you. you know, which is marvelous. as evidence by his performances on late night television, all improv. >> i remember when he was
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playing there at the cafe. i remember from way back then, then i thought, how proud i was that like, you know, this local comedian was, you know, a big star. >> good evening, san francisco. are you ready? >> how cool is that? a wonderful memory for giant's fans, it was a one of a kind introduction before the giant's first playoff game in 2010. look at lucille. apparently the team did well, they won but they also went on to win the organization's first world series championship. fans of williams are gathering outside his home in boulder, colorado, the home is the setting for mork and mindi. the sitcom that helped him launch to stardom. a sign along the fence reads you will be missed, mork. we of course will have more on
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the life and legacy of robin williams throughout the morning. with more reaction from fans, visit our website, there you can also find a slide show of pictures of williams throughout the years again, that's at now for hoot look at your back to school microclimate forecast as we take a live look at san jose this morning, let's check in with rob mayeda. it is time to head back to class. >> it is. let's show you the temperatures around the bay area right now. we have 50s and 60s outside. and the low clouds actually giving us some drizzle around san francisco, 63 degrees, 63 down in santa cruz to 69 degrees. cooler start in livermore this morning. low clouds drizzle at times the next couple of mornings, if not light rain near the coast for tomorrow. clearing skies inland as the clouds are lingering, then the low clouds pushing back inland. what we have is the end of the red flag warning that is up for
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fire danger due to lightning. the moisture moved off to the east. what we'll have here over the next kunl of days is the case of air-conditioning on overdrive. it's a system that'll be approaching the coast. and if you look closely, there are times we could see a little bit of drizzle or some brief light rain there along the coast as we go into the next couple of mornings. and then temperatures for the second half of the week will start to climb up. you're seeing changes in the seven day forecast. mild for now, 78 degrees in san jose. only mid-60s closer to san francisco. so a light jacket might be fine around the peninsula and down the coast today. for the north bay, highs in the mid to upper 70s. pleasanton and livermore highs in the low 80s as we head towards the afternoon. weather running cooler. we did have issues, a couple of them early this morning, out in the tri-valley. this is one of the spots that gets busy sooner than the rest of the bay area. westbound 580, two vans colliding there, blocking one of the lanes there on the right. this is already stacking up at
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the altamont pass commute and also a truck blocking the right-hand side lane at grantline road. eastbound also causing slowing there eastbound around the pass this morning. you'll notice the travel times around the tri-valley still on time from grantline road to 680. that commute from livermore down highway 84 to 680 seeing travel times slow down about 46 miles per hour. 5le 0 and dublin, westbound approaching the hacienda seeing the volumes pick up, otherwise okay. san jose, 280 at 87, dark view there, but light volume for you so far right now. the bay bridge commute moving just fine. breezy out there, know fog getting in the way of that morning commute coming into san francisco at least for now, back to you. >> looks good, thanks. up next "today in the bay," going green on a whole new level. google's program to get you to help cut back on gas. plus an update on the innocent woman shot and killed during a shootout in stockton. we now know the deadly shot was
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fired by police. disturbing new details coming up next.
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we continue to follow the latest developments in iraq. the obama administration calling on the country's new leadership to work quickly to form an inclusive government, though iraq's current prime minister refusing to leave his post. meantime, u.s. sending weapons to kurdish military forces to help fight the terror group isis. american planes made air strikes as well. the top america general says the current u.s. efforts have not weakened the militants in any significant way. happening today, al sharpton will pay a visit to the family of an unarmed missouri teenager whose death sparked riots near st. louis sunday. michael brown was shot and killed by police over the weekend. for the second day in a row, police and protesters got violent with each other as rallies got out of hand. police fired tear gases and marched to get protesters to go
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home. on sunday, crowds threw litter at police, smashed door windows, and looted. also today we'll find out how much progress has been made eliminating the backlog of rape kits in alameda county. mike honda will hold a news conference to update the public. earlier this year, alameda county sent hundreds of rape kits to the east coast to be processed. there are nearly 2,000 rape kits sitting in police departments. honda hopes his efforts in the bay area will spark change nationwide. google is teaming up with the city of mountain view to help make running errands greening. they will provide a free community shuttle service that'll take people shopping or to appointments, even just to local parks. it'll just an electric bus that's run on holidays too. it's not designed to take people to work or school on a daily basis, really just as a giant car pool for running errands. speakering of google, the
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company -- speaking of google, the company is speeding up service in asia. they will team up with five others that will line $300 million worth of cable from the west coast to asia. california's smart phone kill switch bill now one small step from reality. the bill would require kill switches for all smart phones sold in california. the state senate approved of the bill yesterday. the governor needs to sign it. silicon valley start-up collective help launching a new app today in hopes will be a better way to deliver health insurance. collective health does not give recommendations or reviews, it's insurance companies that sells policies, but the company will work with smaller companies who will pay for employee's doctor bills after each appointment instead of requiring people to make monthly payments. and a former google manager is heading up a expert helping to give a makeover. mikey dickerson left google last year to help improve health
4:47 am now that the site's working properly, the government wants the same team to make other federal websites more up to date and user friendly. officials say the team's goal is to rethink the way people interact with the federal government. well for the markets and the news before the bell, let's go to cnbc world headquarters, good morning. >> reporter: hey scott. a the lot of interesting developments this morning. we are looking at futures higher after stocks drifted. the downed s&p 500 had their best two day gains in four months and dow first back to back gain in almost a month. investors are looking for signs of easing in geopolitical tensions. dow rising 16, nasdaq up about 30. consumer reports gave tesla top marks. now the influential magazine says the car has quote more than a share of problems. consumer report says while a model s impressed its staff,
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there are quirks that could frustrate owners. the model s include the screen going blank aengt retracting door handles not working properly. in other nurz, retailers are rolling out promotions to get shoppers in stores for the back to school season. plan to finish off an afterschool start. staples offering a 110% price match plus rulers, pencils, and pens are on sale until labor day. walmart has 30% more items available and sears has in-store pick up, scott. >> thank you much. we learn the hard way. wait until after school starts or it buy your stuff because people will want something specific. had to go back to school anyway. >> all i know is i had a cart full of crayons. how do you dress to school today? let's check in with rob. >> if the uniforms include jackets, that'll be good this morning. 50s before sunrise today.
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seeing the numbers already around livermore out towards the tri-valley, north bay 58 degrees, 61 in san jose and the forecast may also include some drizzle at times. around san francisco and i think in towards oakland, the inner east bay and on the coast today, we could have that. and the skies will clear inland. that all day sea breeze will help hug the coastline. we will see low clouds spilling in again. the red flag warning we had yesterday due to the potential for lightning has expired. all that activity for the most part stayed centered over the sierra. clouds on the increase. this system here is going to reinforce the onshore push of comer air and at times provide just enough lift to the low clouds to get us more than drizzle. maybe brief light rain just along the coastal areas around the peninsula. that's going to be this morning and again for tomorrow morning. what it'll also do is knock down the inland temperatures. nice and comfortable. the cooling over the next two days. sea breeze leading to the clear temperatures across the valleys, then we'll see the heat come
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back by thursday as high pressure begins to build in. that'll allow temperatures in the north bay and east bait to climb back into the upper 80s by the end of the week. san jose not bad. mid-60s around san francisco towards the north bay. you'll see the temperatures in the mid-70s so comfortable around san rafael. 75 degrees. 76 in fremont. and pleasanton towards livermore with the highs in the low 80s as we wrap things up for today. and as we keep an eye on the weekend forecast, upcoming you'll notice the temperature and tri-valley getting closer to 90 and trending cooler towards sunday as the kids already look forward to the first weekend after class. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. 4:50 right now, "today in the bay" follow-up. stockton police say the bank robbery hostage who died in a shootout was killed by police, not the suspects. misty holtsing was taken hostage. police ended up in a gun battle with the three suspects. one of the men used her as a
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shield after nearly month long investigation, police say she was shot about ten times during the gun battle. and confirmed she was killed by police gunfire. two of the suspects were also killed. the surviving suspect faces murder and attempted murder charges. the city of san jose takes major league baseball to court today. the city's suing mlb for prohibiting the oakland a's from moving to the south bay. the baseball says the san francisco giants own the territorial rights to san jose, but san jose city leaders claim that's a violation of antitrust laws. lawyers will point out baseball is generally exempt from anti-trust claims thanks to a court case dating back to 1903. the 9th circuit court of appeals will hear the arguments this morning. live look at at&t park this morning. giants are hosting the chicago white sox, while the giants were off yesterday. they fell furtheren behind the rival dodgers. the dodgers beat the braves 3-2.
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now five games ahead are the orange and black. still ahead, a young boy cashing in on his hobby with a little help from a bay area company. and a live look at the drive along the san mateo bridge this morning. it's busier as you head out the door. kids are headed back to school. please slow it down, be safe. we'll check in with rob next. first a look at the world that earned robin williams an academy award. >> you don't know about real love because it only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. don't you dare to ever love anybody that much.
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it's economnomnomcial. ♪ nom...nom...nom... you're watching "today in the bay." good morning, this is greg louis, principal of santa terisa high school welcoming back all of the saints to another great school year. >> that's awesome. welcome back to the students today, thousands of bay area kids headed back to class. morning drive may be label the more crowded. >> yeah, take it easy out there. in fact let's check the morning commute, rob is in for mike this morning. >> yeah, and we have a few issues out there, construction-related issues hopefully picked up in the next five minutes. one lane only westbound. you see some of the red there on the map, but what's going to cause a big delay friends and
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family out in tracy or mountain house, 580's already a mess this morning. westbound here, north flinn, we have a multivehicle accident, already causing big time delays and a truck blocking the right-hand side also causing delays two spots, trouble spots already on westbound 580 at the altamont pass. we expect to see travel times right now roughly on schedule from grantline road. those will drop off quickly and around livermore down towards 680. 46 miles per hour is the drive time there. 580 approaching dublin. volume is picking up there, 280 at 87, drive times across the bay bridge, they're right on schedule. keep an eye on the traffic times with the back to school tuesday throughout the morning, back to you. creative eight-year-old is about to cash in on his new game. >> and a san francisco-based board game maker helping mic make that a reality. university games will officially announce franklin wright as its young game inventor's contest. the second grader from texas
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designed conveyor belt. beat out nearly 2:00 other contestants. you use dice to land on direction arrows hopefully to land on the finish square. he will receive a $10,000 college scholarship. >> good for him. >> that's cool. 4:57, up next on "today in the bay." teaching water wasters a lesson. the punishment that's sending some people back to school. and certainly we are remembering robin williams how thousands of his fans are showing their respect this morning, coming up.
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remembering the brilliance of robin williams. the bay area remembers the film and tv actor who touched the lives of many. plus heading back to school. how a bill working its way through the legislature could change the way your kids take tests in high school. and we're seeing low clouds
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in drizzle for some of the folks heading back to school this morning. also big time delays already on 580 coming out of altamont pass this morning. weather and traffic coming up. and live look outside as well at the bay bridge. today is tuesday, it is the 12th of august, and this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. live look at san jose, the roads are about to get more crowded today. students at the east side union high school district head back to class this morning. also headed back to school today, the san mateo union high school driktd including students at -- district including students at milbray. new legislation in sacramento. you may recall in the spring of last year, 641 ap test scores were


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